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Translation of operating instructions into all languages


Operating instructions are among the most important documents that must be translated in the export and sale of technical devices and equipment, so that the buyer or end user can be fully informed on all aspects of the operation, maintenance and care of his/her device or equipment.

The level of qualification of the relevant technical translators, who undertake to perform this considerable task, is just as important.

Who has not experienced the following situation at least once? The device you have just bought came with operating instructions; however, they were either only in English or, due to the lack of qualification on the part of the translator or translation office, were completely useless as they were incomprehensible. At Lengua Translations, you will not experience any unpleasant surprises. Quality is our most important principle and we can guarantee this through our strict selection of translators. All of our technical translators are qualified translators, which is to say they have a university degree in the field of translation.

Furthermore, translation is only ever done into the target language of the respective technical translator (mother tongue principle). Of course, our language experts have acquired a comprehensive university education in the source language and have, after several years, been awarded either a Bachelor’s Degree and/or a Master’s Degree in Interpreting and Translation.

Request an offer for the translation of your operating instructions, your manual or other technical translations here

In addition to this, during their studies our translators have also taken technology as an elective subject or completed an additional technical qualification, such as mechanical engineering studies for example. On request, we can arrange additional proofreading on your behalf by a second technical translator. We also work closely with our customers and technology experts on an ongoing basis throughout the translation process.

With us, open questions can, therefore, always be clarified quickly via a point of contact, abbreviations checked etc. We are happy to keep terminology databases for you, so that your specialised terminology is always used consistently. It is always the same translator who works on your projects in order to guarantee consistency, as we strive to achieve long-term collaboration with our customers.

We are happy to assist you at any time and to advise you on your technology project.