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Translating medical findings. Translation of findings


The professional translation of medical findings is very important. On the one hand, immigrants often bring medical documents with them that are issued in the language of the country of origin, which is why they then require a translation of the doctor's findings.

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In many cases, however, patients are given medical treatment or are operated on abroad, because in some cases that is where the most modern treatments, specialized experts or alternative surgical procedures are available, for example in Europe or the USA. For the attending physicians and in consideration of safety and risk minimization for the patient, it is hugely important that a medical finding is translated correctly and is free of errors.

Medical findings in all areas (e.g. MRI results, CT results, surgical records, laboratory findings) should, therefore, really only be translated by an experienced, qualified translator into their own mother tongue. Doctors and clinics rely on professional translators, who can translate doctor's findings submitted by an immigrant, for example, with absolute professional accuracy. The successful and correct further treatment of the patient depends on this to a great extent. The translation of findings is a highly responsible task, as in the field of medicine this often concerns the life of the respective patient. The translation of medical findings, therefore, belongs in the hands of a competent expert. Only a qualified, mother tongue translator is in a position to translate findings correctly.

If you are interested and require professional translations in this area, we would be glad to send you a prompt free quotation for the translation of your findings or any other important medical documents. Our competent, specialized, mother tongue translators will help you quickly. We translate from all languages and into all languages.


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