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Professional translation services
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Translation of medical studies and abstracts

Lengua Translations translates medical studies and abstracts (as well as pharmaceutical studies) into and from all languages. The medical translation company works exclusively with qualified, mother tongue translators, who have studied the source language and speak the target language as their first language.

Fast quotation for the translation of your studies and abstracts

Furthermore, all of our medical translators specialise in medical and pharmaceutical texts and have corresponding additional qualifications and/or medical technical knowledge. The close collaboration with physicians, medical experts and specialists provides a professional level of expertise. Many of our medical translators are married to doctors or are acquainted or associated with then in some other manner.

The translation of medical and pharmaceutical studies is of great significance for the development of new medicines, therapies and treatment procedures. Because our translators are highly competent, we can guarantee the exemplary quality of the translation.

Lengua Translations has been translating medical studies, abstracts and other specialised texts, among other things, for many years for several American and European University Clinics. Lengua is regularly commissioned by a number of pharmaceutical groups to translate pharmaceutical studies for the pharmaceutical industry.

In an abstract, the essential contents and the results of a study are summarized in order to provide interested scientists with a brief overview of the essential points of the investigation. Abstracts must therefore be translated very precisely; errors made by insufficiently qualified translators could be disastrous here.

Studies are frequently translated for publication by specialist journals or databases, such as Pubmed. Our medical translators provide competent assistance, which means you can profit from our many years of experience in the translation of studies. This will save you a lot of time and will prevent unnecessary queries and amendments, so that your study can be published more quickly.

Ask us for an offer for the translation of your medical or pharmaceutical study, your abstracts or other specialised medical texts.
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