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French translation by professional French translator

French is the second most commonly taught language in the world after English. People are often surprised to discover how prominent the French language and French translation truly is on the world stage. Perhaps, you can now see the importance of French translation, especially in business activities.

The fact is that French figures among the official working languages of many international organizations including the European Union, Interpol, the International Olympic Committee, the UN, the Red Cross, and others. Such wide usage of French by international organizations presupposes a great amount of documentation written in this language and many negotiations held in French. The necessity of French translation is obvious. In addition, the importance of the French language in diplomacy can be seen in the words that have found their way into common English usage (e.g. "charge d'affaires", "emigre", "cadre"). Moreover, France represents the third-largest Internet economy in Europe, which also requires French translation.

What should the French translator be aware of when dealing with French translations?

First of all, the French translator should be aware of standard French or “Parisian” French that is very well understood throughout the French-speaking world and is commonly used in French translation.

The French translator must render culturally neutral and universally understood texts for the target audience. Sometimes, the French translator may need to use dialects in his French translations for a specific audience.

In many cases, French translation clients ask their French translators to provide French translation in the French-Canadian dialect, as a lot of them conduct business in Canada. Besides, it’s the most commercially important variation of French and is used quite often in French translation. So, any French translator should know and be ready to implement any variant of the language. A qualified French translator must render your text into French so that it could be easily understood by the entire French community.

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